The Historic Rose Hotel Welcomes You

Set on top of a beautiful bluff along the Ohio River, The Historic Rose Hotel has been the resting spot for many travelers over the last 200 years. With its graceful 19th century beauty this hotel is a peaceful reminder of a world that used to be.


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The Story of The Historic Rose Hotel

  The Historic Rose Hotel has set in Elizabethtown Illinois for over two centuries. Built in 1812 it is the oldest hotel in the state. Originally ran as a tavern and boarding house, it has housed many weary river travelers. Though times have changed The Rose has remained constant having its doors open to those passing by. 

  We have all the modern conveniences and amenities of todays time, but walking through the doors still takes you back to a simpler time. One where the river ruled the country and the towns along it were our sanctuaries.      


What We Offer

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Free Wi-Fi



TV's and Mini Fridges


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195 Main St, Elizabethtown, IL 62931


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